Paid Search – Pay-Per-Click

What We’ll Do*

Account Setup

  • Discovery – Identifying your objectives, differentiation, and competitors.
  • Competitive Analysis – Auditing PPC activity (keywords & ad copy) of your competitors.
  • Account Structure – Implementing a highly-nuanced search campaign for optimal performance.
  • Comprehensive Ad Extensions – Leveraging as much online real estate as possible including sitelinks, call extensions, structured snippets, and call outs.
  • Ad Copy w/ Variants – A/B testing your messaging in order to identify the most engaging and effective messaging copy for your business.
  • Remarketing Campaign – Creating ad groups the keep your brand top-of-mind to any user who has visited your site from any traffic source.
  • Display Campaign – Allocating a small portion of your budget to drive large volumes of relevant impressions and clicks to enhance your overall digital strategy including branding and acquisition.
  • Brand Campaign – This enables you to be at the top of the page when users searches for your brand. If you don’t show up in the paid results when someone searches your brand, your competitors will.
  • Tightening up Conversion Tracking – This aspect of your launch focuses on establishing the highest level of visibility in terms of lead attribution. You cannot increase ROI if you can’t measure it.
  • Adding Negative Keywords – Mitigating low quality searches to increase CTR (click through ratio) and decrease average CPC (cost per click).
  • Banner Ad Creatives – Rich display ads for your remarketing and display campaigns.

Account Management

  • Ad Split Testing: Creating / testing multiple ads against each other to ensure we’re always using the best converting ad copy.
  • Optimized Bid Strategy: Bidding adjustments to determine the best and most profitable position for each keyword.
  • New Keywords: Identifying new keyword opportunities based on historical performance revealed in the search terms report.
  • Campaign Structure Revisions: Refining account taxonomy to ensure the highest correlation between keywords and ad copy.
  • Negative Keywords: Identifying irrelevant keywords and block them to ensure that your ads only show for relevant keyword searches.
  • Segmentation: Leveraging data sets from device types, locations, days of the week, etc. against bids to ensure optimal cost per lead.
  • Performance Monitoring: Keeping a pulse on the performance of each campaign in order to make intelligent adjustments.
  • Error Monitoring: Proactively & regularly scanning every landing page to identify and neutralize any 404 issues.
  • Anomaly Detection: Identify and respond to key metrics deviations when more than expected from normal levels.
  • CRO (conversion rate optimization): Ensure optimal landing page performance.
  • Technical Support: Responding to questions & requests.
  • Reporting: Providing monthly reports with detailed charts for quick identifications of trends.

We handle Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing and Yahoo advertising platforms.

*(Starting at $350 Per-Month Management Fee/Up to $999 Ad Spend/$325 Set-Up Fee)

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